Arctic Monkeys Get Down on the Farm in New Video

“One For The Road” is the latest album track to receive the video treatment off Arctic Monkeys’ fifth studio release, AM. In this black and white clip, the Sheffield lads find themselves far from city streets of London, and roaming around rural farmland that reminds me a lot of my college town. It’s desolate, basically deserted, and the only way to get around seems to be to hop on a John Deere tractor (and there’s no speed limit in these parts, apparently). The gang hangs out by an old barn, looking all GQ and mysterious and not much happens until the sun goes down. At dusk, some fireworks and band gear are delivered on a truck bed, and mannequin-like bombshell women walk onto the scene. A jam session ensues under what looks like The Fourth of July, or (because they’re British) Guy Fawkes Day. If you’re still interested in watching the video even after I just told you everything that happens, it’s below. Nevertheless, it’s classic-cool Arctic Monkeys, and that’s always welcome.

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-Mike Pop

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