It’s the inevitable tale of a child star turned rebellious after years and years of playing by the rules and being a YES man, but in this case- it might be Miley Cyrus just being…Miley.

In her newest video for We Can’t Stop, shameless advertisement plugs by Beats by Dre and eos lip balm, minimal clothing and lots of skin prove that hours of pilates and countless amounts of twerking definitely do the body good!

Out of all the looks in this video, my eyes can’t shy away from Miley’s twerking outfit! It’s fun, skimpy, and shows her love for LA…represent girl! Want to be a twerking girl like Miley? Miley wears a Stampd LA “West Side” cropped jersey ($42) , a Chanel bandana, a white singlet, and a her very own pair of metallic silver Prada platforms ($339). (backpack teddy bears not included)

I’m sure this video is already stirring up a lot of controversy but let’s face it-she’s young, hot and having fun! Until things get out of control or someone gets arrested…TWERK IT OUT MILEY! You can catch We Can’t Stop playing on our Hit List channel!

Are you loving or hating Miley’s twerking outfit? Let me know what you’re thinking!

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